VIP Tel Aviv escort service

VIP Tel Aviv escort service is different than any other you can find in Israel or even in the world

When you are inviting a VIP Tel Aviv escort service, you are expecting (and rightly), to get a top quality escort service, A Service that won’t play games and tricks on you, but will give you the real thing. You should understand first of all that in Tel Aviv there are so much escort girls to choose from, that it’s kind of difficult to speak in general. In Tel Aviv there are also the lowest crappy quality of “escort”, escort clubs who are located in southern Tel Aviv (around the old central station usually, but not only), with poor women who are working not as escorts but as hookers. There is a big difference between VIP Tel Aviv escort service and prostitution, and you can understand this difference by looking at the job – VIP Tel Aviv escorts does not mean sex. It means escort, with all that entails. Yes, sometimes there will be sex after a long, fun night with an escort girl, nobody will lie to you by saying otherwise, but it is a byproduct of the escort, and not on the contrary. Tel Aviv escort service girls are professional escorts that will come with you to occasions, and will be your partners for this time. No matter if you are interested in them only for the time of the occasion or even after it, if you want to go out on a date with an exclusive escort girl or taking her to your home to get massage and drink some wine – everything is legitimate, they are escorts, and that’s what they do.

So what is the difference from the other areas in Israel?

First of all, it will be smart thing to understand that because there are so many Tel Aviv escort services, there are also many levels of service and even vary services. There are some who really all about the sex and they are more similar to prostitution, while there are VIP Tel Aviv escort services that are real escort services who are offering escort. Between the real VIP Tel Aviv escort services you can find different levels of women, which you can sort mainly by prices – naturally if you will invite an escort girl that costs 200 shekels, you will get a girl that probably work by force. Only 200 shekels for night, while most of the money is going to the people that are in charge, is leaving the girl with not enough money to live. On the other hand, high class VIP escort girls that charging more than 1000 shekels, are the way to go. The high class girls that you won’t find in any cheap escort office, will be there for you by your standards. Think twice before inviting an escort girl, and choose wisely where you are inviting her from. It will pay off.